RFID Solutions

RFID tags can be attached to pretty much anything and are a great way of keeping track of inventory or monitoring asset sensor information, such as moisture or temperature.

RFID is great but to make use of tag data it is necessary to understand different tags, readers and software protocols. We know all this can be confusing but we can help!

Our software solutions are developed to help quick start the process of capturing tag information for many different use cases.

Mobile RFID Applications

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Cloud Hosted Web Solutions

We help small businesses get their presence online and help ensure they stay backed up and secure.

We provide template based design, domain registration, GDPR compliancy and highly available secure hosting.

Web & Software Development

We have worked in the web and software industry for several years, developing solutions that utilise the best technologies. We have moved with the tides. We work with a number of companies providing contracted services for web and software development and are open to developing further opportunities. Please contact us to discuss software development projects.

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